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nancy giacci.

watercolor, pastel, oil & acrylic    |

Nancy Giacci.jpg

Nancy comes from a family of artists. Both parents earned a living as artists as did her grandfather. She studied art in high school and at the University of Arizona. She discovered ceramic sculpture in kindergarten (A duck!) and fell in love with the medium along with painting. She worked with ceramics for many years until she developed back problems and had to fall solely back on painting.

She is in private collections throughout the USA , England, Brazil, Canada and the Netherlands. She was commissioned to do portraits of "The Dreamers" for the Museum of Coral Gables. One of whom was her grandfather, Denman Fink. Her favorite subject matter is landscapes and wildlife, but she has also done portraits. Nancy has worked in all mediums and is currently working with acrylics. She loves observing and catching how the light falls upon a subject, giving it life and a greater feeling of dimension.

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