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In June of 1993, six artists on Bald Head Island met to discuss the formation of an art club to share their common interests. Two of our present members, Nancy Giacci and Pat Young, were founding members.

The group selected the name for the organization and elected to meet four times a year. By the end of the year, the League had bylaws drafted and was several members strong. The first public event for the League was the organization of a retrospective art show to honor island resident Malcolm Fleming who was gravely ill at the time.

Since then, the League has sponsored art shows on Bald Head Island each year to provide an outlet for the sale of members’ work. Memorial Day weekend initially was selected for that event with shows being held out of doors. In 2000, a Thanksgiving weekend show was added as a fund-raising event for selected non-profit organizations with a portion of the proceeds being donated to charity. Once the Property Owners’ Association building was completed, Art League shows have been held there since 2002. Over the years, many art workshops, lectures, and exhibits also have been sponsored by the Smith Island Art League.

Today, the group is composed of 23 artists who reside on, own property on, or work full time on Bald Head Island. The Smith Island Art League continues to present a Memorial Day weekend show and a Thanksgiving weekend show each year. A portion of the proceeds from the Thanksgiving Show now benefits other nonprofit organizations on the island. The club as a whole meets twice annually and holds at least two other on-line meetings with board meetings held throughout the year.

This website is provided as a membership benefit to the Smith Island Art League.  Referrals from the website will not be subject to commission.

Smith Island Art League Inc. is a non-profit organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

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