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maria earnshaw.


My love of art, I believe, stems from my experiences growing up as a child in a small mountain town in Nicaragua. While I did not study art as a child, I was exposed to art in very subtle ways through my family. My father had the soul of an artist, and beauty was always in my mother’s mind.

My interest in art became much more academic as I received formal training in design, art, and art history. While studying Interior Design at the University of Texas, and completing a Masters of Art in Liberal Studies at the North Carolina State University, I never could have anticipated the rich diversity of jobs  and interests that one day I would have. While at NCSU, I had the privilege of studying under Duke University professor Dr. William Tronzo and conducting research at Dunbarton Oaks, Washington, DC, culminating in my thesis, “Prudentius, Tituli Historiarum.”


As a result of my love for art and education, my professional career has spanned over 30 years and has been centered around art, as I have worked in Graphic Design, Museum Exhibit Development, and Teaching.  I am now having the best time of my life teaching as an Art History Professor at Campbell University.

I feel that I have now come full circle…..first by studying art, then by working in art fields, and now I am painting in oils and loving it!!

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