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gail gaukel

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If we can perceive light as nature’s paintbrush, then perhaps we might acknowledge color as nature’s love language.  The challenge for me is using a human tool, the camera, to mirror nature’s artwork as an image that arouses admiration and stirs appreciation.  I began my photography journey as a photo-journalist for a local newspaper and learned the craft of developing black and white film.  I also developed a passion for black and white photography and the techniques for persuading shades of grey to reveal themselves onto photo paper – engaging the viewer’s imagination.  After studying photography at Ohio State University, I opened and operated a studio in Ohio, concentrating in portraits and weddings.  My husband and I relocated to the Washington, DC area when he was offered a career change.  At this time, I completed an Associate’s Degree in Studio Photography at Northern Virginia Community College and soon started employment with the Central Intelligence Agency in their Photography, Lab and Publications department. I worked primarily with medium format film for several years until my career took another path.  At some point in life, I transitioned (granted reluctantly) from film to digital cameras and in doing so, discovered an interest in landscape photography.  Retirement has afforded me the time to pursue photo workshops and travel adventures.  My growing experience with digital photography has fostered my appreciation for how digital images can render color and convey nature’s paintbrush. Currently, I am focusing on communicating nature’s love language.

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