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janet triplett

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My goal in painting is to create and convey to the viewer the feeling of contentment, awe, peace or tranquility I felt when I saw the subject I am painting. If I can do that then I believe the painting is a success.

I received my BS in Interior Design from UNCG and did corporate design for many years as Director of Design and Curator of the corporate art collection for Wachovia Banking Corporation worldwide. I then owned and operated a faux painting business in Winston-Salem, NC before moving to Bald Head Island in 1997 with my husband King and our two Golden Retrievers. While periodically returning to clients in W-S I served on many island volunteer committees and boards as well as the volunteer fire department. I started painting again around 2003 and that is now my career and maintain a year round studio here on the island.

My work is available at All About Art on Bald Head Island and other galleries in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. I still try to continue to study with other professional artists in small workshops and enjoy meeting and learning from other artists. As well as being a member of the Smith Island Art League I'm also a member of Oil Painters of America.

Medium: Oils


Instagram: janet_triplett


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