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Sherry decided she wanted to be an artist when she was 5 years old. Many years later, she still loves it.

As a child, Sherry’s parents nurtured her interests by providing her with classes, both group and individual, whenever they were available. In high school, she attended classes at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She secured a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in education at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. After college, she settled on the medium of watercolor because she found it always to be challenging — keeping it endlessly interesting.

Sherry Becker has been a practicing professional watercolor artist for over 50 years. She specializes in transparent watercolor landscapes of Bald Head Island, NC. She also does commission landscape works of everything from house portraits, boat portraits, vacation scenes, to other landscapes of your choice.

Her work can be found at All About Art on Bald Head Island, NC.



Spring Chapel
Water 2018
Old Baldy from the Marsh
Summer Flowers
Old Baldy and the Bridge
Old Baldy 2018
Mojo's from the Dock
Marsh 1014
Hibiscus (matted)
Chapel 2018
Deep Point at Dusk
Captain Charlie's 2015
BHI Flowers
BHI Sunset
Captain Charlie's 2006
House Portrait 1
House Portrait 2
House Portrait 3
House Portrait 5
OH House Portrait 2
NC House Portrait