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sherry becker

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I have been painting with transparent watercolors for over 50 years.  It never gets old.  Working with watercolors is always a challenge.  Controlling the medium in watercolors is difficult.  Once an artist accepts this and learns that the paint will make a lot of the decisions for you, the process becomes fun.  Transparent watercolor uses no white paint.  Anything you see that is white in my paintings are areas unpainted.  Part of the challenge is creating the colors you desire by layering on multiple layers of paint. Unlike opaque mediums, there is no correcting by painting over mistakes.  There are tricks of the trade for some adjustments, but there is a limit to corrections.  For example, if you accidentally paint a sky black you have to rethink your plan.  It keeps you on your toes…and I still thoroughly enjoy it.


Sherry O Becker

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