dianne scott harris

aka "Deenie"

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Our Story

As African-American twin sisters growing up in the South during the1950's, our lifelong love affair with baubles and beads began in childhood. We loved to play in our grandmother's jewelry box.

While life presented a detour with our careers as wives, mothers and physicians, we never lost the passion for beautiful jewelry. Our hobby has now become our post-retirement career.

Deenie's focus is on artisan, hand-made sterling and 18-k gold and semi-precious stone jewelry designs.

Flip continues her love of baubles and beads in her use of semiprecious beads, pearls and sterling silver accents in her designs.

We hope you enjoy our jewelry as much as we enjoy making them for you!

Website:  www.deenieandflipjewelrydesign.com

Instagram: @deenieandflipjewelry

Facebook: Deenie and Flip Jewelry

Etsy: DeenieNFlipJewelry