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dianne scott harris

aka "Deenie"


Dianne Scott Harris is a retired physician who has a lifelong passion for beautiful jewelry. She started a handcrafted sterling silver jewelry company, Deenie and Flip Jewelry Design, in 2017 with her twin sister Deborah.   Her jewelry is inspired by things that she sees and experiences in everyday life and its surroundings.  The jewelry is artisan, handcrafted sterling silver and includes gold and semi-precious gemstones.  Some of the pieces also contain 24k gold accents.  

The variety of jewelry that she produces includes Keum-boo, an ancient Korean gilding technique.  As an accomplished metalsmith, Dianne creates shapes and textures through different types of metal manipulation, including physical and temperature.    As a result, she has the freedom and skill to create unique jewelry pieces.  She recycles all of her metal so none is wasted.

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