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karen limpert.

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My interest in art began at an early age when my grandmother, who noticed I liked to draw, enrolled me in private art lessons at the age of 10. I continued to draw and paint throughout my childhood and teen years. I then obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education and taught art in both North and South Carolina public schools.


My artwork took a back seat during the years I was raising my children, although I did manage to produce a few paintings and pastels for family and friends. During those years, I dreamed of being able to have a studio in my home and paint full time. That dream has come true as I am now enjoying my studio overlooking the marsh, where I continue to appreciate and be inspired by the natural beauty of BHI.


Limpert 16
limpert 19
Limpert 17
Limpert 18
Limpert 9
Limpert 8
Limpert 7
Limpert 6
Limpert 5
LImpert 4
Limpert 3
Limpert 2
Limpert 15
Limpert 14
Limpert 13
Limpert 12
Limpert 11
LImpert 10
Limpert 1
South Beach Walk
Karen Limpert _ Soft Path to the Sea
High Tide
Marsh Boat
Middle Island Marsh
Autumn Boat House
Cloudy Beach
An Island Road
A Day at the Beach
Old Baldy
Shoals Watch
Island Serenity
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