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henry light

oil painter

Henry Light.jpg

When I was in the fourth grade in McLean, Virginia, we had an art class with a lovely lady

who said the mountain landscape I did (in crayon probably) exhibited talent.  That advice was ignored through military school, engineering school, four years of service as an officer in the Navy, law school and 43 years of law practice, mostly in Virginia with Norfolk Southern Corporation, until I reached 82 at a continuing care residential community in Charlottesville, Virginia where free oil painting classes were offered.


My two daughters are quite talented as painters, and two of the older grandchildren have painted some “hangable” paintings, so there may be some reverse inheritance at work.   My present art teacher Marcia thinks I am wonderful, but she tells all of us that.


I do treasure our time at Bald Head Island where we have a place on Currituck Way. Many of my subjects are discovered in walks and bike rides around the island.  There are so many lovely things to paint that I feel I will never run out of ideas.


I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy painting them.

Captain Charlies
Live Oak
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