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sandy scott

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As a young child, I loved to draw and color.  It wasn’t until my children left home and I retired as a counselor, that my passion to paint returned.  My first mediums were acrylic and watercolor. Touring museums, I became more interested in the style of old masters and began painting with oils.  I am a member of the Portrait Society of America and have had the wonderful privilege of studying and painting with many famous painters. I have painted numerous commission portraits. I prefer painting with oil because of how fluid and easy it is to blend and create a large palette of values. Every time I paint, I am in awe of our creation. To emulate this on canvas is humbling and challenging and creates a spirit of thankfulness. 

Scott 9
Scott 8
Scott 7
Scott 6 - Crop
Scott 5
Scott 4
Scott 2
Scott 3
Scott 15
Scott 14
Scott 13
Scott 12
Scott 1
Scott 11
Scott 10
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