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trisha barnard.

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I was a late bloomer when it comes to creating art.  After being discouraged in Jr High School by an art teacher, I never took any art classes.  While living on a boat in 1999, I started painting and later after settling on Bald Head Island, I took a class to learn to make a byzantine bracelet.  While others in the class found it tedious, I loved doing it and was hooked.  I wanted to make more jewelry. There are so many ways to make different beautiful and fun pieces.  I joined SIAL in 2010 to show and sell my jewelry.  I’ve always loved earrings, so I make more earrings than anything else but sometimes branch out into bracelets and necklaces.


Then in 2018, a friend suggested a pottery class at Brunswick Community College.  Since then I’ve gone to the mainland once a week to do pottery.  I’ve always loved ceramics, particularly functional pieces that one uses regularly.  Now I can make bowls, mugs, vases, plates, butter dishes, olive dishes etc. The options are endless and I find joy in doing it.  I hope to keep making pottery and jewelry for a long time.


Phone:       781-929-1188

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